Jordan, Ellen - Math


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A little about me...
   I started teaching elementary school in 1994.   Two years later I made the switch to middle school mathematics and never looked back.  Twenty years later I am still working with middle school students and love every minute of it.  Aside from teaching math, my primary goal is  help all learners feel safe to take risks in their math class. 
   I attended Westfield Public Schools and have lived in this community for most of my life.  I actually live in the same neighborhood as South Middle and often the kids may see me walking to school along side them. My seventeen year old son came through South Middle and I anticipate that my 4 year old will as well.
   I have assembled a variety of videos, notes and powerpoints to help students when they are at home and need a refresher for the lesson. The videos, specifically, are just a snapshop of the concepts that we discuss in class. They are certainly not the whole lesson.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at